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Why Choose Us?

Dr. Luis Reyes and Dr. Ernesto Garza of Valley Surgical RGV, who have over 40 years of combined experience in medicine, are dedicated to helping Rio Grande Valley residents take charge of their health and begin living happier, more fulfilling lives. As board-certified bariatric surgeons, Dr. Garza and Dr. Reyes remain committed to helping patients navigate their weight-loss journeys safely and confidently. Our patient-centered care and use of innovative surgical techniques help us provide a better experience for patients of all ages. 

Our Professional Staff

Our Approach

  • Our high-quality service ensures patients receive the best weight-loss care in the Rio Grande Valley.
  • Patient safety comes first. Our clinic continually surpasses the safety benchmark.

  • We help patients navigate after-care through post-op visits and support.

  • Our clinic monitors weight loss and progress to ensure patients remain on track with their weight-loss goals.

The dangers associated with obesity are well documented. With the Rio Grande Valley experiencing rising rates of obesity and conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and other critical issues, acknowledging the impact of excess body weight is more important than ever.

Valley Surgical RGV and its staff are committed to helping Rio Grande Valley residents improve their health and embark on a more active and fulfilling lifestyle. We achieve this through a combination of surgical intervention and lifestyle guidance, offering support for patients from beginning to end. Our bariatric weight-loss procedures are performed with the utmost quality and care, so patients can always remain confident that they are receiving the best level of treatment possible in the Rio Grande Valley.

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