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Dr. Luis M. Reyes

Dr. Luis M. Reyes, based in the thriving heart of McAllen, Texas, is an exemplary figure in the medical community, primarily known for his extensive expertise in general and bariatric surgery. Dr. Reyes’s commitment to providing personalized, concierge-style healthcare is evident in his private practice at Valley Surgical RGV and his previous tenure at Valley Care Clinics. His role as a Clinical Instructor at Ohio State University and an Associate Professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley showcases his dedication to mentoring the next generation of surgeons and advancing the medical field.

Holding distinguished board certifications in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, Obesity Medicine, and General Surgery, Dr. Reyes is an advocate for continuous learning and professional development. This drive is further manifested in his active involvement in various leading medical societies and his role as President of the Texas Association of Bariatric Surgeons. Notably, his directorial positions in minimally invasive and bariatric surgery programs across several medical institutions highlight his innovative approach to surgical care.

Dr. Reyes’s comprehensive medical training began at La Salle University School of Medicine, followed by extensive residency and fellowship experiences across Mexico and the United States, including a notable Surgical Oncology Research Fellowship at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. His academic contributions, coupled with his licensures in Texas, Ohio, and Iowa, underscore his national impact on surgery and patient care.

Beyond his clinical acumen, Dr. Reyes is a community leader and educator, with a significant teaching portfolio ranging from his early days as an Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at La Salle University Medical School to current engagements like the Alpha Med Omega Preceptor for foreign medical students and the Stop the Bleed Instructor for community outreach. His extensive publication record in prestigious medical journals reflects his ongoing commitment to research and innovation.

Dr. Luis M. Reyes is a beacon of excellence in the medical field, continually striving to improve patient care through his surgical expertise, educational initiatives, and leadership in healthcare. His patient-centered approach, coupled with a rigorous, evidence-based practice, makes him a distinguished and trusted healthcare provider in McAllen and beyond.

Our Professional Staff

Our Approach

  • Our high-quality service ensures patients receive the best weight-loss care in the Rio Grande Valley.
  • Patient safety comes first. Our clinic continually surpasses the safety benchmark.

  • We help patients navigate after-care through post-op visits and support.

  • Our clinic monitors weight loss and progress to ensure patients remain on track with their weight-loss goals.

The dangers associated with obesity are well documented. With the Rio Grande Valley experiencing rising rates of obesity and conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and other critical issues, acknowledging the impact of excess body weight is more important than ever.

Valley Surgical RGV and its staff are committed to helping Rio Grande Valley residents improve their health and embark on a more active and fulfilling lifestyle. We achieve this through a combination of surgical intervention and lifestyle guidance, offering support for patients from beginning to end. Our bariatric weight-loss procedures are performed with the utmost quality and care, so patients can always remain confident that they are receiving the best level of treatment possible in the Rio Grande Valley.

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