Liver Surgery

Liver surgery is the preferred treatment for multiple conditions affecting this organ. It can treat cancer, diseases, benign and non-benign tumors, and cysts. Surgery isn’t right for every patient, although it successfully treats most liver problems for most people. At Valley Surgical RGV in McAllen, we offer surgical options to treat most liver problems.

Comprehensive Liver Treatment

At Valley Surgical RGV, we work closely with patients to provide the most comprehensive care possible. From the moment you walk into our clinic until the last procedure, expect expert care tailored to your needs.

We are one of the town’s most trusted liver treatment and surgical providers. Patients know they are in good hands with our team of medical professionals. We provide every patient with exceptional care tailored to their needs. Seeing you healthy, happy, and smiling again makes us happiest.

Why Liver Surgery?

Our liver surgeons offer several surgical options that treat many conditions affecting the organ. When you schedule an appointment with us, we will figure out which procedure is most effective for your health needs. We then customize a treatment plan using the selected procedure. Don’t worry: we will discuss the procedure, its benefits and risks, the recovery process, and other important information with you. Our goal is to choose the procedure that offers you the fastest recovery time and the least amount of pain.

Procedures available at Valley Surgical RGV include:

  • Liver Surgery: When necessary, we use minimally invasive procedures, including robotic and laparoscopic procedures. Minimally invasive procedures require fewer and smaller incisions, are less painful, and allow you to heal faster. This procedure treats liver cancers, severe tumors, and damaged tissue.

Why Choose Valley Surgical RGV?

Your health is of the utmost importance to you and our medical professionals. We strive to provide each patient we serve with tailored, comfortable care that helps them regain optimal health in the fastest time possible.

When you choose Valley Surgical RGV, we will:

  • Guide you through the surgical process from start to finish
  • Inform you of treatment plans and goals
  • Listen intuitively and answer all your questions and concerns
  • Customize treatments based on your specific conditions and needs
  • Put your safety at the forefront of our care
  • Accept your insurance plan. We accept most major insurance provider plans, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Cigna, Medicare, and many others

Your Trusted Liver Surgery Provider in McAllen, Texas

Hearing that you need liver surgery can send your emotions into overdrive and leave you feeling uncertain and afraid. When you have the right team of medical professionals guiding you through the process, it becomes much less dreadful. We would love to discuss our surgical procedures with you. Valley Surgical RGV is your trusted liver treatment center. Find out why so many people trust us for their liver treatment needs.

Contact Valley Surgical RGV to schedule your consultation today to learn more about our liver surgery and treatment options.

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