Overstitch Revision Procedure

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OverStitch Revision Procedure
The OverStitch revision procedure is an excellent option for those who have recently had a gastric bypass surgery. Many patients, after seeing their surgeon, realize that their weight is returning. Now, there’s a simple and painless way to address this issue. A skilled surgeon can conduct the OverStitch revision procedure, which tightens any pouch that may have formed in the stomach. This surgery further constricts the stomach and turns it into a tube-like structure. The result is that you’ll feel fuller longer, and you’ll be able to address your eating habits proactively.

No Incisions Needed
Unlike other procedures, such as a gastric sleeve revision, the OverStitch revision procedure doesn’t require any incisions. Your surgeon will use a new approach that relies on endoscopy–the use of a special device, an endoscope, to conduct the surgery. The endoscope is inserted down the trachea and into the stomach. From there, your surgeon can perform the suturing without making an incision.

There are several distinct advantages of the OverStitch revision procedure. First, because there are no incisions, your recovery time will be shorter.

Longer Lasting
Because the endoscope device that is used conducts several rows of sutures rather than a single one, the results last longer. In addition, there is less chance that your pouch will stretch out in the future.

The Procedure
If you elect to have the procedure done, you may want to learn more about your surgeon’s steps. You’ll be given general anesthesia so you can sleep and not feel any pain while your doctor works. As you sleep, the endoscope with a camera will be passed down your throat. A tiny light is affixed to the device, allowing your surgeon to see the entire time. With the OverStitch device attached to the endoscope, a tiny row of stitches will connect your pouch with your intestine.

Before removing the endoscope, your physician will ensure that everything is accurate. You’ll also receive aftercare to enjoy a smooth and speedy recovery.

Adverse Effects
Because the OverStitch revision procedure is minimally invasive, fewer adverse effects exist. According to the Food and Drug Administration, the data regarding adverse effects is sparse, which is a great sign for those considering the procedure. There are some reports of perforations in the stomach, but most patients experience nothing more harmful than occasional stomach pain.

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